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The Telugu special (Air) Package provides end to end solution for Kalpavasi guests from Andhra pradesh wanting to understand and experience the Kumbha Mela at Haridwar starting in January 2010. It is custom made for Teluguians who have difficulty in speaking & understanding Hindi which is the local language during the kumbha mela and includes specially trained Telugu speaking guides and group security.

The Tour package also includes

  5 Nights/ 6 Days of Khumba mela experience

  Air tickets from Hyderabad-Delhi-Hyderabad

  Transportation from Delhi to Haridwar and back

  Tented accommodation at the Mela Kshetra Camp Site

  One day trip around Haridwar & Rishikesh

The Kalpavasi Telugu Special (Air) package at just Rs.30,000/- per person.

Welcome To Kalpavasi Telugu Package!

“kalpavasi.com” - started primarily to facilitate the foreign visitors to experience the Kumbha Mela and having catered to visitors from around 40 countries are now entering the South Indian market by launching a ‘Kalpavasi Telugu Special (Air) Package’ which is specially designed for Kalpavasis from Andhra Pradesh to experience the upcoming 2010 Kumbha Mela at Haridwar

Kalpavasi.com is the most comprehensive web site on the Kumbha Mela and provides all round information on the world’s biggest event from all possible disciplines and approaches. Kalpavasi.com has brought the little know aspect of the Kalpavasa Vrata and has presented it to a worldwide audience in order to popularize the correct system of participation for pilgrims

Kalpavasi.com deals with the Kumbha Mela not only from the aspect of faith, religion and spirituality but also from the scientific views. The website is the result of more than ten years of intense research by renowned indologists, sociologists, anthropologists, archaeologists and religious scholars.

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You are about to see and experience the Kumbh Mela in ways that the normal traveller never get to see. These special packages have been custom designed to meet the specific needs of our Telugu guests who are interested in experiencing the Kumbha Mela

NOTE: Due to heavy demand and limited bookings these packages cannot be purchased online. If you are interested in booking this package, please complete the package request form below. We will get in touch with you for processing your booking.

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